He got it!

He got the job! Oliver had an interview this morning and he’s just gotten an e-mail saying he got the job. *grin* The funny thing was when Jaz told our dad that he’ll be earning £18/yr. Not £18,000, but £18.. XD

So today after my lecture I sped down to the train station just to time myself in preparation for next week. Took me a little less than 20 mins to get on the platform. Then afterwards I dropped off my credit card application and then went in search of boots. I found the ones I had seen earlier on Monday, but unfortunately, they didn’t have my size. So no nice brown boots. :-( I just wandered around shops afterwards. Ran into Kayla and Simon in Dorothy Perkins. She said that they can give me a lift to the station next week, so no rushing! Yay! And I’ll have time to stop by Burger King to get a Whopper to go since I won’t have the time to get anything in Birmingham (only got 10 mins to change there, instead of the usual 30 mins when I take the later train). Plus I bought a pair of jeans. Only £10. ^-^

*can’t stop laughing* Oh God, this is too funny. I was just talking to Jaz about learning to type correctly (I typed in life instead of lift at first in the above paragraph) and she told me this little story: She’s on the plane and they’re going through the safety procedures. She’s a bit dazed (no clue why). Anyway, the lady says: “..n you will find life vest under your seat..” Jaz gets all excited and is about to start searching for LIFE underneath her seat! XD That little story really made my day. :D

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