Late night rambling, not caffeine induced

Just thought I’d let the ones who don’t speak to me on MSN daily that since it’s Easter vacation soon, I’m going home for a few days before going to Dubai and then back to Oliver’s. All of this means, I won’t be online. And therefore not updating. Then again, I haven’t updated my blogs for ages either.

Got my Aspects of Genre assignment back today. Borderline 2.1/First. So cool. I wasn’t expecting such a good grade from it, since I didn’t put that much effort into it. I did put effort into my Contemporary Writing essay and got a borderline 2.2/2.1… so yeah, really happy surprise. :D And the funniest thing was that my tutor just found out today that I’m not American. I would’ve thought that my last name would’ve been a big tip off. Anyway, when he handed me my essay, he was like: “Finally, an American who can write!” “I’m not American. I’m from Finland!” “Damn.”


I got Buffy Season 4 from the library today. Half way through it by now. Has to be returned tomorrow at noon. I doubt that I’ll get through all of it, but it’s convinced me that Jaz & I should buy the DVDs.

God, it’ll be so hard getting up on Saturday. My train leaves at 7:30 am plus they’re doing some rail works which means that I’ll have to take a bus between two stations. Grr. Adding another hour to the journey. Ah well. And I finished packing today. Yay me. Except, I don’t know do I know have any clothes back home. And I can’t fit anything else in my suitcase. So.. problem. Possibly. I guess it just means that I have some shopping to do back at home. ^_^