Coming and going and coming and going

I really feels like I’m just running around like a headless chicken. I just got back today from Sheffield (spent Friday night in Leicester because it was Russel’s birthday party) and I’m going back again already on Thursday. For like the third weekend in a row. But I get to see Oliver. :) I haven’t bought the tickets just yet, but I’m planning on going back home on the 1st of April, then go over to Sheffield on the 15th. Get back here on the 23rd. And I’m going to be spending most of my time at “home” in Dubai. Going there on the 3rd and coming back on my nameday, the 12th.

I’ve got a credit card! I feel so grown up. ^-^ And I finished my essay last week before I left, so now all I have to do is print it out and hand it in before I go again. Don’t feel so bad about playing Sims 2 University anymore. :D I love controlling them. Really wreak havoc among them. XD Which is what I’ll go do now, since I’ve gotten everything done that needs to be done today. :)

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