We’re meeting Mel today. I totally forgot about it this morning, but when Oliver finally got up, he reminded me. Anywayz, we were supposed to meet up at four, but it’s been pushed back to five. I wonder how it’ll go… I mean, she and Oliver had a thing. Not really a relationship, but still a thing. That’s as accurately as I can describe it. We’d been planning on meeting up for ages but never actually did anything about it. So last week we finally decided that now we really will meet up.

I’ve just started reading Memnoch the Devil. I’d finished The Historian a few days ago (loved it!) but I’ve been busy knitting and solving Hanjie puzzles. XD I did start reading Memnoch near Christmas, but then I had that huge pile of books to read for my courses and it kinda got left on the back burner. I remember thinking it was a really good start to the book, but now that I’m reading it… not so convinced. Could be that I’m just itching to read the other books I’ve got waiting for me on Oliver’s shelf.

Anywayz, I’d better get going. We’re going soon, so I need to get ready.