Rambling on about locusts and knitting

Went to see The Da Vinci Code on Friday with Oliver, Ryan and Shaun. Shaun drove since he finally passed his driving exam. He’s pretty good considering he hasn’t been driving for that long. Sorta makes me want to get my license at some point. Just not over here, since I can’t handle driving a car that’s got the wheel on the right. :-S Anywayz, the movie. To me it seemed kinda slow paced. The book just flew when I read it (before I heard the hype about it, Ellu just sent it to us and said that we should read it). But the movie… not so much. Maybe it’s because I prefer reading to watching movies. I get to go at my own pace and things actually look like how I want them to. Yes, I like having control of things. Another reason why I love playing games like Sims2 and Civ4. XD

The four of us went out yesterday as well. Ate at Nando’s and then went out for a walk. In the park we found a lot of frogs/toads. Jumping things anyway. I remember three of them quite clearly. The first one is the little cute baby frog hopping across the path. The second is an adult sitting in a puddle. That confused us at first: Why is it just sitting in a puddle?? Then it dawned on us as the puddle was getting bigger. It was peeing. XD And the last one was another adult toad, just sitting in the middle of the road. Oliver tried poking it to move away so it wouldn’t get run over by a car, but it wouldn’t budge. Ryan nudged it with his shoe, nothing. Shaun tried to make it move it, it just leapt forward once and made Shaun jump. In the end, we just left it there because it would not move! Silly toad.

I’ve been watching the National Geographic and History channels alot. I just looooove learning about hurricanes and tornadoes. I wonder if someone’ll want to take a road trip with me to Tornado Alley next year. All they get in Montana are blizzards. If those. I know the forces of nature aren’t to be messed with, but I want to experience a tornado passing over us. Well, I’ll just have to make do with NG. I did see this really cool thing about locusts on NG the other day. I now know the stages of life they go through, why they swarm, how they eat.. and most interestingly of all: why the Rocky Mountain locusts just suddenly disappeared after the huge swarm of 1875 (that I first heard about in the Little House on the Prairie books). And I want to complete the set that I have already. I’m missing the last three books: Little Town on the Prairie, These Happy Golden Years and The First Four Years. Which is why I’ve been looking in all the bookstores over here, but they don’t have them. So I guess I’ll just have to wait until I get to the States to buy them. I can’t wait to get to the huge bookstores they’ve got over there. My favorite store out of all of them. I just get this high whenever I go to a place with a lot of books, like a library. I want to read them all! XD

I’ve been knitting a lot. Almost finished a potholder for Oliver’s mom. The back of it is white in this kind of pattern:

-—-|||||—–|||||—– |||||—–|||||—–|||||

And then on the front, it’s a white background with four turquoise hearts and a “J” in the middle. :) It’s so nice to be knitting again. Very comforting. Next, I want to try to make a quilt. But that’ll have to wait until I get back home where I’ve got a sewing machine. Plus, I need to find a pattern that I like. And then of course some cloth to make it out of. XP