Mini update of yesterday

We met Mel and Steve at The Bluecoat at five. Well, Oliver & I got there at five and they didn’t get there until 5:40 (they did let us know that they’d be late, so it’s okay). It started off with Oliver and Mel just talking about people they know and what’s going on with them. Apparently some girl deliberately stopped taking the pill to trap some loser guy. Right now she’s over seven months pregnant. No clue who these people are, but apparently this is very juicy gossip. Anyway, after awhile Steve and I began to participate in the conversation a bit more and soon enough we were all feeling a little bit more at ease. One thing that all four of us have in common is that when we eat, we’re totally silent. No one talks, we just eat. This isn’t what I’m used to at home (with five around the table, someone’s always got something to say) and it seems like that’s what goes on at Steve’s home as well. We also talked about what we thought we’d be like. I had this picture of Mel having reddish-brown hair. Other than that, pretty much what I thought she’d be like. She told me that she thought that I’d be bitchier (most likely because she didn’t like Oliver’s last gf) and that I’d be taller. That one was probably because Oliver doesn’t really talk about people at all and all she had to go on was my name and nationality. All in all, we spent five hours together so I’d say it went pretty well. :)