I’ve got an iPod! o/

Ryan, Oliver & I went to Meadowhall today. I was given my birthday present early. iPod! :D o/ Converting my music library to be compatible with it right now..

Oh these are sooooooooo good. We stopped at Thornton’s and this prompted Ryan to buy “death cubes” again. What he actually bought were the mini caramel shortcakes, but the last time he bought some, we came to the conclusion that the amount of saturated fat in them was so bad that we renamed them to Death Cubes. So now, he just offered me another one. Sooooooooooooo good. ^-^

I’ve finally finished the front bit of the poncho. The annoying thing is that I ran out of green just four rows from the end. The back bit is going to be white. I’ve begun knitting that today and so far I’ve got 30 rows of that done. :) I’m aiming to get all of the white used up tomorrow, so I can take the thing back with me and finish it off at home. The needles aren’t mine, so I’ll be really busy knitting tomorrow. Listening to my iPod while I knit. ^_^

I’ve got a strange headache.. I got it as soon as I had eaten the baked potato. I had a headache Tuesday night as well. Lasted for about 7 hours before I gave in and let Oliver get me some paracetamol. Really strange. I hope this one goes away faster than the Tuesday one.