My shoe broke :(

Yesterday at Shaun’s BBQ my shoe broke. The nice tan strappy one. The nine of us decided to go play rounders (sorta like softball) in the field. Well, there was no field that we could use, so we wound up in this playground. We made the bases out of the weird thing none of us knew what it was, the big spinning roundabout thing and the swings. Anywayz, I was the only one in a skirt and with improper shoes for running. Go me for being girly. Still, I decided to play anyway and after awhile, one of the straps broke. *sniffle* But once Oliver and I got back to his place, his dad superglued it back together. o/

The pub-crawl in Leicester wasn’t that much fun. I don’t really like going to loud pubs. I don’t mind going out with Anji&Steve because the conversation’s better, but going out in Leicester is not my idea of fun. The house parties aren’t that bad though. The only bit where I really did enjoy myself was in the club Streetlife (a gay club, but still). Hilarious seeing the old man from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang mouth along to Britney’s Toxic. Y’see, they were playing that movie silently in the background while blasting away the dance music. People do unpredictable things when they’re drunk. Like this one friend of Shaun’s suddenly hugged me when we left Streetlife. With a lit cigarette in his hand. I thought he was going to set my hair on fire with it! Not on purpose, but still. Luckily, Shaun took it off him so that wouldn’t happen. Then on the way back, a group of guys laughed as they went past us. Not so unusual in itself, but once we had walked along a bit more, we saw this girl on the ground crying with blood dripping onto the ground. The group of people with her had already called an ambulance and the police so we didn’t stop. No point in gawking. I think it was just her nose bleeding, but it still made me feel uneasy for the rest of the trip back. Especially since I was the only sober one out of the group.

On Saturday we stopped by Leicester Pride. Really nice weather. It wasn’t that interesting really. But I did see lots of cute dogs. And in the same park there was a gathering of families. The kids were really cute. There were these two boys in particular that caught my eye. The older one was about 5 and playing softball. He threw the ball in the air in front of him, ran towards it, let it bounce on the round and then swung with all his might so that he spun around. He didn’t hit the ball, but it was so cute how much effort he put into it. ^_^ The other kid was about four (guessing, since I saw them from a distance) and also trying to play softball. He threw the ball up, tried hitting it with the bat but wasn’t fast enough. So then he decided that since the bat wasn’t working, he’d just kick the ball because that way worked. XD So adorable.

I’ve almost finished the first stage of the front of the Hooded Baby Poncho I’ve begun making. Need to make a few adjustments to the size though. I’m making it for a big 12 month old, mainly because even if it is a bit big, it’ll still be fine and it can stretch. Plus, who knows how big the kid’ll be that’ll eventually wear it. So it’s just in case. ^-^ It’s a pretty greenish color, with a white hood. I picked “neutral” colors because then both boys and girls can wear it. Maybe I should start a hope chest or something like that. I’ve been reading this community and that gave me the idea. Just preparing for the future, slowly getting all the stuff together that I’ll need later once I’m ready to have kids so it won’t seem like such a big drain financially all of a sudden. :)