Macs aren’t as good as they ought to be…

Today I went to Meadowhall with Ryan again. His Mac is really acting up and he went to complain about it. It’s the third time he’s had to give it in for repairs. Anyway, they gave us four different people to talk to. The woman listened to the problems Ryan’s having and took the computer into the backroom to listen if it was making the sounds Ryan said it was. Then we got this chubby man who did the whole trained spiel of listening to the customer’s opinion and then stating what the store could do to help him. The really skinny bobbing-head man was the most condescending out of them all. He had the attitude of “I’m right and you’re just making all of it up”. Really annoying. I was lucky enough to be allowed to tune him out and concentrate on scoping out everyone else in the store. Then we got a Spanish man who was nicest of them all. He also was very understanding and gave Ryan a form to fill in. So now his MacBook Pro is in for repairs once more. Lovely stuff.

Going to Leicester tomorrow morning. The plan is to go pub-hopping. Go to every pub that Shaun likes. Then Saturday before we come back we go to Leicester Pride. I’m assuming they won’t mind me & Oliver participating even if we are straight. XD

I really like Open For Business. So far I’ve got two toy shops (one selling only wooden toys, the other wooden toys & robots) and a flower shop. It’s fun to run them. It’s just annoying how the Sims want to wander off and do other stuff when they should be taking care of the shop. That’s what I get for having home businesses. It’s still fun, even if they do frustrate. ^-^