Such an eventful day

Lots and lots of stuff happened today! o/

I tried reading and sunbathing out on the terrace in the morning. No such luck. The neighbor’s cat decided to come visit me. It thinks that our house is its home. o_O Very possibly because my mom keeps feeding it. At least it knows not to come inside. Anywayz, I had just made myself comfortable when the feline decides to plop right in between me and my book. I try pushing it away so that I can see the page again, but no. It would not move. Just stretched out right there in front of me. Okay, I roll over onto my side. The cat gets up, rubs itself against me for a bit before settling down again. This time leaning against me and staying my shadow. It moves its head practically (but not quite, since we all know how proud felines are) begging me to scratch and stroke it. I give in and give it attention. A very happy cat. And I like cats, I really do. But, this one sheds *so* much. >_< Well, even if my own cat (the one I’ll get someday after my kids are old enough to know how to treat a pet) sheds a lot, I’ll still love it. And grumble quietly about its hairs when I’m vacuuming. X)

After the cat episode, I went outside to help my mom with the gardening. Spent about an hour and a half raking the small branches my mom had clipped from the hedges. The only interesting thing about the gardening bit was when my mom was clipping the hedge, she found a beehive. And a bee stung her forehead. After that, I refused to work in that area. Wise choice, since my sisters reported seeing more bees hanging around that area a bit later on.

I also spent an hour on the treadmill. Time really flew now that I had music to listen to. I love my iPod. ^_^ And why haven’t I exercised for ages? I love the feeling I got after my walk. I did run for a minute at the speed of 10km/h. It just felt so great. I’ll definitely need to run more often, not just walk, but actually run. And then the cool shower afterwards… *bliss* But it didn’t really help that I ate half of my huge Easter egg after my shower. My reward for gardening and walking. :)

I’m itching to knit. I’ve finished off a jigsaw puzzle. I’ve been reading. I’ve been exercising. But I still want to knit. Urgh. Must get some needles and yarn ASAP.