Sales and gorgeousness!

Went shopping with Tian-le, Jaz and Jaz’s friend Tac. Since it’s sale season, I got three anklets, a hairclip and earrings. And all it cost me was 4,64€. ^-^ Jaz on the other hand.. well, she spent a lot. But that’s who she is. We love shopping, she’s just the one who winds up buying a lot of stuff.

I LOVE being back in Belgium! It’s just all the attention that I get over here. I’m an attention whore. XD Y’see, yesterday when we went to rent movies, we got two cars honking at us (that’s a good thing over here :P) and now on our way back home from the bus stop these two really hot guys honked and whistled and did all sorts of stuff to try and get our attention. I mean like really gorgeous guys, about 24 or so, shaved heads, nice car… *grin* It’s so nice to know that I’m wanted. That sort of stuff makes me feel pretty. And it’s really important to feel pretty, because at least for me, it gives me this little bouncy step and keeps me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Looks aren’t everything, but just the feeling that it gives is so nice. :)

Speaking of gorgeous guys, we watched The Phantom of the Opera last night. The Phantom and Raoul were soooooo swoon-worthy. *drool* It’s been such a long time since some actor has had that effect on me. Just seeing Christine and the Phantom sing that song, their passion.. and then when Christine and Raoul sing about spending their lives together… *happy sigh* I just love the passion they have. Sorta makes me wish that some mysterious guy wanted me the way the Phantom wants Christine. Except none of that killing spree stuff.

Eurostar tix have been bought. Going Thursday morning and coming back Tuesday evening. I get to see my sweetie! :) o/