I got my story finished on Saturday thanks to Gabe. ^-^ All I need to create masterpieces (okay, so it’s not a masterpiece really, but it’s an interesting story anyway) is some constructive criticism. Just simple things like what wasn’t clear/needs more explaining, a certain sentence sounds funny, etc. So thank you Gabe! *huggle* Now I just have to go make a gazillion copies for everyone in my class. Okay, so it’s just 15 copies, but that’s fifteen times ten pages with a page being five cents. Why can’t we just e-mail them to each other?

I just got back from ice skating with Mark. It was a load of fun. But boy am I going to feel that hour’s worth of skating tomorrow in my legs. I can’t wait to go again. It’s so affordable too. Just $1.00 for the rental and $2.00 for admission. Cheap stuff!

I want to continue making my mom’s Christmas present. But I’m out of space! *sobs* And the stuff I’m using is so soft too. I’m so jealous, I want it for myself. But I’ll be good and give it to her for Christmas because she was the one I had in mind when I picked out the yarn. And no one tell her that I’m making her something!! So anyway, yes, I’m out of space. Which means that I’ve begun crocheting. That’s something I practically never do! Maybe I’ve just had a bad experience when I was younger. It’s actually quite fun. The result isn’t as soft as knitting, in my opinion, but it does look pretty nice. Plus, it’s a throw that I’m making (most likely for lil ole me) so it’s allowed to be a bit stiff at first because it’s so thick. Oh, and I finished knitting the UM colored blanket. It’s all pretty and maroon and grey with white. Taking it with me to Saturday’s football game. Hopefully Michelle can get a ticket for herself and we’ll go dressed in our Griz sweats. We just happened to buy the exact same outfits. As did Alysha. Good taste, perhaps? Well, if she can’t go, it’s no biggie. Emily has already invited me to go with her. :) And we’re going bowling on Friday! o/

Okay, must go back to reading Shakespeare. Act IV of As You Like It awaits.