Rambling on about various things like brain farts…

Would you look at that. It’s five in the afternoon on a Friday and I’ve only got two bits of reading left to do until my homework’s all done. w00t!

Going out to eat with Marissa, Michelle, Natalie and Erin tonight. We’re all going to the movies afterwards. Gonna see US vs. John Lennon or whatever it’s called and then straight after that Marie Antoinette. It’s over at the UC and it’s only $4 for both movies if you’re a student. :)

Amazingly enough, I got the courage to speak up in class today. Usually I’m really shy and even if I think about it, my heart starts racing. But, I made up my mind that if I want to get a good grade I need to speak up so why not now? I had actually done the homework so I might as well join in so he won’t call on me when I have no clue as to what’s going on. XD

Went to the dentist’s today. Got my right side all fixed up. They’re still amazed that I refuse to take any anesthesia when they drill. But seriously, I feel twinges when they drill but it doesn’t actually hurt. When there’s that air blowing in then it sort of vihloos (can’t remember the word in English *shrugs*). Other than that, totally fine. :)

Oh really stupid thing yesterday: I was reading a section from Homer’s The Odyssey and it was the bit about the sirens. Well, that got me to thinking about that art school I used to go to when I was like 14. We were supposed to paint a scene depicting something that the teacher had read to us from lovely Homer’s epic poem. Anyway, I read the word oar. Then I tried translating it in my head to Finnish. And for the life of me, I couldn’t remember it! I came up with orja, oira (not a word!), arjo, and on and on but I couldn’t actually think of the right word. Even conjuring up the time when I went rowing with my cousin and sister couldn’t make me think of it. Then it comes to me: I’ve got a computer, why don’t I just look it up? Duuuuuuuuh. So now I do know what oar is in Finnish. Airo. *shakes head sadly* This is a definite sign that I need to read more. Maybe I could hint at it to my grandparents and like for my birthday or something they could get me an interesting Finnish book to read. Like Nuorena Nukkunut or something. Maybe something by Minna Canth… well, I’ll have to look into it.