Genesis 19:30

Okay, so I’m not religious at all, but due to my Medieval Lit class, I’m reading riddles. One of the riddles goes like this:

A man sat sozzled with his two wives, his two sons and his two daughters, darling sisters, and with their two sons, favoured firstborn; the father pf that fine pair was in there too, and so were an uncle and a nephew. Five people in all sat under that same roof.

The answer, according to my book, is Lot and his daughters with their sons. Well, this made me look up the story of Lot and his daughters in the Bible (oh the wonder internet, it found it without me actually having to start flipping through a Bible, just told me the passage that I then looked up in the free Bible I was given last semester). OMG, the story, for those of you who don’t know it, goes something like this: Lot and his daughters are chased off into the mountains by some people because of something Lot promised(? not too clear on this, I didn’t read too closely the preceding passages). And so the three of them are there by themselves, totally alone. The daughters must be brainwashed or deranged or from the Deep South, because they come up with the plan to get their father drunk so that they can have sex with him so that they’d get pregnant and keep the family bloodline going (yay! super condensed stupidity *rolls eyes*). So they get him drunk off his ass so that he doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on and the older daughter goes first to basically rape her father. The next morning, Lot has no recollection of the night before, so the girls are like “Yay! Let’s do it again so you the younger one can get pregnant too!” and they do a repeat of the night before. And thus, Lot has two daughters who got pregnant by him.

And people think that this book will help them be saved in the afterlife. But, as my creative writing teacher of last semester said, just go pick a Bible story and rewrite it. There aren’t any original stories left to tell. This would be a good one to do. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

But seriously, the mind boggles. O_O