The Best Comment EVER

Today, Austin told me in his critique of my story that I “could be the Joseph Conrad of our generation if you stick to it, which I’m positive you will”.



Okay, so Nathan is like the most critical person in my creative writing group. And he gave me, not a good, but glowing review in his critique. Really makes me like him a lot more now. Well, he had been growing on me, so this just cemented it. If he likes my stuff, he can’t be all that bad. XD And of course, Sam’s and Lela’s and Sarah’s reviews were all excellent too. Mark’s was nicely constructive. ^_^

God I sound like I’m giving a thank you speech. But, this sort of was like being given an award or something. A lot of praising done in that class. *grin*

This class has so just made my day.

*cannot stop grinning, but must go do homework now*