Papers and stuff

Yayness, I’ve completed my Shakespeare paper. And my very lovely friend Gabe read it over for me and helped me tweak it. Yes, Gabe, the nit-pickiness is very good. My teacher used to be a lawyer so he wants evidence to back up any claims that we make in our papers. I’m so relieved that that’s over and done with. I’ve also finished my extra credit paper for that class, but I’d still want someone to look it over for me.

So now I’ve got two sci-fi papers to write, but those I can just pretty much just sit down and write in one evening if I’m feeling very inspired. It’s only seven pages in total, which is what I had for my Shakespeare paper + extra credit. And those two were tough ones. So I’m not too worried.

Exams are on Tuesday and Wednesday. >_< At least I’ve got the study notes written up for one of them. Too bad it’s not an open-note test, just open-book. It’ll help everyone who has decided to deface their textbook by underlining and writing notes in it. Not me though. I just can’t bring myself to write in a book.

Stephanie’s here, so I’m gonna go. :)