Drop dead tired (but still gorgeous!)

I am about to conk out. I’ve been up since 3am (went to bed at 11pm, so only four hours of sleep) because I had a 6:00 am flight. And since it was out of O’Hare, it meant that I had to get there early. Good thing I got there there on time too, since the check-in line was huge, the security line was even longer and then there were about thirty passengers on stand-by because they had oversold the flight. *rolls eyes* But I got to Missoula alright; just had dinner with Megan, Jeff and Ethan with a few others joining us a bit later. I finished my Medieval Lit homework even though I really really really didn’t feel like doing that. But it’s done. So yay me. :)

Probably not going to the gym tomorrow since I need to go make copies of my story that’s due on Tuesday and I have laundry to do. After taking that week off from going to a gym, I’ve started feeling lazy again. But I did have a lot of fun staying at my sister’s in Chicago. :) And playing the Lego Star Wars on an XBox 360 is a whole lot more fun than on a PSP. That’s pretty much what Oliver and I did with Jessamyn for the last few days we were there.

I got a letter from my grandma. Kinda hard to read sometimes, and a bit dull, but I’m still saving it because it can go in the genealogy box I’m going to make some day. She said in her letter that she still has the love letters my grandfather had sent her, so I’m going to work on acquiring those too. XD

And now, I’m going to go lie down. Possibly sleep for a bit. But I don’t want to go to sleep properly before eight, so I dunno. It seems dangerous to lie down… maybe I’ll continue with my Isabella (it’s almost done!)…..