See, shoes are amazing. Even stalkers think so!

Okay, so, I’m walking up the stairs in Miller after lunch reading the school paper. This guy suddenly asks me: “Are they suede?” “What?” *looks down at the blue high heels* “Your shoes, are they suede?” “I dunno.” *keeps reading* “Heh, blue suede shoes.” And so I keep walking and reading my paper, I’m heading down the hall when the same guy asks: “D’you have the time?” “Yeah. It’s 11:40.” “Thanks. *pause* What’s your name?” At this point I’m thinking: wait, why are you still talking to me? But I figured he might be visiting someone on my floor. But then he keeps talking and following me! We wind up at my door and at this point, he’s like: “You’re very pretty. Are you single?” Cue in me going: O_O “Thank you. And no.” But the persistent little bugger starts talking to me about religion! And no, he’s not trying to convert me, since he does not profess to be of any religion himself and doesn’t press on about me stating that I’m an atheist. I mean, really. I’m giving off obvious vibes of wanting to get away from this guy and he still keeps talking. I’m all flattered and all about him thinking that I’m pretty (even though I so obviously was not looking my best), after I tell you that I am so not single, it means GO AWAY.