The Lime & Violet effect on me

And I am done! o/ I have finished all of my long papers that are due. All I have to do now, is to print them out. And write one more one page paper. But I can have that done in like an hour. So whee! *spins on an imaginary swivel chair*

Played Scrabble last night with Anika, Rey and Kaiser. It was fun. I lost, but I don’t care. XD And speaking of losing, my notebook disappeared. I’m pretty sure I took it up there, but halfway through the game, it went poof! So… no knitting patterns for me. :( But they said that they’ll give it back if it pops up. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It’s got stuff in it that I’d like to have back…

Going out for lunch with Meg as soon as she gets out of class. The weather is wonderful. Sunny and warm-ish, but not ridiculously hot. Summer’s here! That also means that I need to start wearing sunblock. So I’ve got some SPF 50. No burning this year. I’m determined not to burn, at least if I can help it.

I’ve also ordered books from Amazon. Knitting books. And since I didn’t find anything that I wanted that made the total over £15 (which means no free shipping), my books should arrive at Oliver’s by the end of this week. ^_^ And my yarn is already waiting for me over there… Can’t wait!

Less than two weeks to go! o/ (The craziness that is Lime & Violet is beginning to rub off on me… XD)