Knitting related ramblings

Let me just say this: a desire to start another project can really speed up your knitting, even when it is cables! I swear, I detest this intricate cabling because it takes up so much time. I’m really into instant gratification, which is why I knit socks a lot because I can pretty much churn out a pair in a weekend. AND it looks like I’m making a lot of progress. I know I can do shawls; I just finished one a few weeks ago. Plus, I’m a fast knitter. I’ve been called a knitting machine by several individuals. So why why why does cabling have to take up so much time? >_<

Anyways, I’ve gotten two Christmas presents done. The socks that I’m working on right now with all of the cables that are driving me nuts are for my mom and since they’re not a Christmas present, rather, they were supposed to be for Mother’s Day this spring, I figure I need to finish these before I go back to school so I can give them to my dad to give to my mom when he goes back to Belgium. Wow that was a long sentence; can you say long winded? At least I got the first sock done and all the ends woven in yesterday. I’ve almost finished the leg part of the second sock. So I’ve promised myself that I will not cast on for another Christmas present socks until I’ve completed at least the leg, preferably turned the heel as well. But, the Christmas socks are a part of a KAL I’ve joined with a couple of other knitters from the L&V message boards… Gah, the temptation!

Side note: Congrats to my lil sis who got into uni! She’s doing Illustration in Brussels. :D