Grr… stupid cotton

I bought this fabulous knitting pattern from Cookie A called the Twisted Flower sock. Sure, the cabling can get annoying at times and my fingers hurt a bit and I’ve had a cable needle in my mouth pretty much all day, but all in all, I really like the pattern. It’s well written and the chart is easy to follow and after doing it for awhile, I just keep it there beside me as a security blanket in case I mess up.

Now, the problem that I’m having is because of the yarn. It’s 100% cotton. And at the gauge I’m getting, it’s so not going to fit my mom’s foot (because this is supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift). Grr. I hate cotton. But since I’ve put so much effort into it already (as in, I’ve spent six hours doing the leg!) I’m so not frogging it. Which means that I’ll probably convert it into a fingerless glove. It’ll be a darn pretty one, but it’s not the sock that I had hoped it to become.

Need to go buy proper sock yarn. Non-cotton sock yarn. On the bright side: Yay! A good valid reason to buy yarn from either The Loopy Ewe or Lisa Souza. And for a good measure, I’ll buy me some yarn as well. You know, as a consolation prize for doing cabling with cotton. ^_~