Now I need to learn how to keep time…

I just joined Aberystwyth’s Dance team. Cost me £38 (because I need a Club Sporty card to join and that costs £33 *rolls eyes*). But I will be getting exercise at least twice a week, three times if I can be bothered to go there on Friday nights as well. I tried convincing Gabe to join as well, but he is resolutely set against dancing. More of an intellectual guy he is. *nods*

So, I didn’t really do much else today. I mean, I walked up the hill (an event in itself), I joined the dance team and then I met up with Gabe and went to the movies. We saw something called “Tales from the Earthsea” or something like that. Japanese animation based on Ursula K. LeGuin’s story. Not something I would’ve chosen to go see myself, but now that I have seen it, I think it’s pretty good. Since Gabe picked out this movie, I got to choose the next one. On Tuesday, we’re going to go see “Atonement”. ^-^

Oh, and before when I said that I live with Tom, Freddy and Sarah? Well, two amendments to that. Her name’s actually Hannah and Freddy moved out yesterday. He disliked his room so he got a seaview en-suite for an extra £300.