Nothing too special. Basically just an update of the last two days

Why won’t the red just fade away? I mean, it says that it will on the package. It’s all gone from most of my hair, it’s just being really persistent at the roots for some strange reason. I wonder what would happen if I just added some honey blonde color on top? Would it turn orange?

Went out last night with Gabe. Met some international students, had a tour of Aber and then had coffee in this great little place called Fresh Ground Café. Afterwards, Gabe and I just hung out. Well, I kinda made him stay late because I had a latte and I was wired and I wanted company. I was up until three a.m. No, he didn’t stay that late, only until like 11:30, but I was up just watching Desperate Housewives and playing Minesweeper until three.

Then I got a cleaning bug today. Kinda bored, so I figured I might as well. I wiped clean my windows and walls. There was some really icky brown spots all over the place. I have no idea what it was or how it had gotten there, and frankly, I don’t really wanna know. Now, if only I could actually open the windows properly and wash them both inside and out… Then when I couldn’t get the walls completely clean, I decided to stick some photos over the really dirty spots. So now I’ve kinda decorated in a nature theme. The photos were taken by Michelle (my first roommate in Montana) during the spring. At least I think it was spring when she took them. Anyway, I really like them. I actually kinda miss Montana. I had fun there, even though the workload was like triple of what I’ve got here.

Gabe dropped by around dinner time. And when I say dinner time, I mean late afternoon, not lunch. Just so we’re clear. Anyways, I had just finished eating when he came over offering to cook so I just went over to his place to keep him company while he cooked and ate. Also watched “The Skeleton Key”. Chatted while enjoying the view in the kitchen with a nice cup of tea.

I’m just listening to the waves right now. They’re actually kinda loud. I dunno if I want to sleep with my window open. I think I can get used to the rhythm of the waves, but it’s the drunken guys just under my window that I’m not too thrilled about. *rolls eyes*