A mini babble

Saturday was really tiring. That’s when the Leicester DanceSport Competition was. Basically, it was a day for me to just knit, read and of course film Oliver as he danced. He did pretty well, especially in the team match Quickstep where he came in fifth. Ran out of space on my memory card so unfortunately I didn’t get any of the Team Walk On or the team matches. :( Being up for about twenty hours and nineteen of those spent travelling or being at the competition… TIRING! Fun, but I need to remember to bring caffeine with me to the next one that I go to. Oh and a guy from the team took a photo of me asleep on the bus when we were coming back. I never realized how odd the position I sleep in on busses is. Sorta flopped over face down onto the seat next to me. It’s on Facebook if anyone’s interested.

I also bought some yarn on Thursday when I went to meet Oliver after work. I went to just buy the yarn I’ll need to make my dad’s present, did get that, but I also wound up getting a skein of Regia Color. It was just so pretty and it wouldn’t let me leave without it! Like I said, I only got a skein of it, so I can’t make socks. I could make one sock, but I’m not a mis-matched sock kind of person. I think I’ll make a Calorimetry out of it. For some reason, I keep wanting to call it caliometry, not calorimetry. My way sounds nicer in my opinion.

I thinking of dyeing my hair again. Just have to wait and see if I stop by Superdrug tomorrow when I go to Meadowhall. I need to buy some jeans since I’ve only got one pair that is not ripped somewhere. Plus, I think I might have to get some that are a little bit smaller because the sizes I’ve got now are a bit loose. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve worn them so much that their stretchy-ness is gone or what. Yes, I have lost some weight, but in my opinion not enough to warrant smaller clothing. It’s still a long way before I even get to what I was three years ago…