Survey thingie

So I was kinda bored…

  1. What is your name: Julia
  2. Spell your name backwards: Ailuj
  3. Date of birth: July 22nd
  4. Male or female: Girl all the way
  5. Astrological sign: Cancer
  6. Nicknames: Juli
  7. Occupation: Student/knitter
  8. Height: about 5'6-ish I think
  9. Weight: 85 kg (just lost 2 kg in the last month, w00t!)
  10. Hair color: dark blone/light brown
  11. Eye color: green/blue
  12. Where were you born: Finland
  13. Where do you reside now: Aberystwyth, Wales
  14. Age: 22
  15. Screen names: luliriisi pretty much everywhere, I’m nothing if not predictable
  16. E-mail addy: I’m sure you could find out if you really wanted to…
  17. What does your screen name stand for: It’s a variation of my first and middle names
  18. What is your LJ name: Luliriisi
  19. What does your LJ name stand for: Same answer as for #17
  20. Pets: One dog, sorta. She (a German sheperd named Mocca) is at home and I wasn’t even there when they got her so… Well, she is kinda my dog too.
  21. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake: 1. It was actually one of those tea lights. XD
  22. Piercings: Two pairs in the ears
  23. Tattoo’s: Nada
  24. Shoe size: Er, European 41/42, UK 8, US 11… I think.
  25. Righty or lefty: Righty
  26. Wearing: Black v-neck shirt, navy blue sweats, Gingerpeach Monkey socks! ^-^
  27. Hearing: Lime&Violet, Ep. 45
  28. Feeling: Bored and kinda itching to go back to knitting and anticipating tomorrow’s travelling.
  29. Eating/drinking: Sparkling water

Guys/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff

  1. Have you ever been in love: Yep
  2. How many people have you said “I love you” to: We’re not counting family and friends right? So then it’d be one.
  3. How many people have you been in love with: One
  4. How many people have you kissed: Still just the one
  5. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex: Nope
  6. How many people have you dated: I’ve gone on dates, but actually had a relationship with? One
  7. What do you look for in a guy/girl: Physically or personality-wise? I’ll just answer both. I’m really drawn to blue eyes and someone who is caring, makes me laugh more than makes me cry, makes me feel safe, is smart, someone I can talk to…
  8. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: Their smile, hair or eyes. One of those three.
  9. What type of guy/girl do you usually go for: The tall ones! Some of the questions are missing….
  10. Do you have a crush right now: Yep
  11. If so who is it?: The Cute Teacher, duh.
  12. Do you believe in love at first sight: No
  13. Do you remember your first love: Yep
  14. Who is the first person you kissed: Oliver
  15. Do you believe in fate: Yes and no…
  16. Do you believe in soul mates: Kinda
  17. If so do you believe you’ll ever find yours: I think I’ve already found one of them. ^_^

again, more missing questions

Family Stuff

  1. How many siblings do you have: four
  2. What are/is your parent(’s) name(s): They both start with P…
  3. What are/is your sibling(s)’s name(s): Ellu, Jasu, Jade and Diana
  4. How many siblings does your mother have: 3
  5. How many siblings does your father have: 2
  6. Where are your parents from: Finland Okay, who took #110??
  7. Does your family get together for holidays: Kinda. It depends on where everyone is currently living.
  8. Do you have a drunk uncle: Yep. How cliche is that?
  9. Any medical problems run through your family: *shrugs*
  10. Does someone in your family wear a toupee: Not that I know of..
  11. Do you have any nieces or nephews: Yep, a niece
  12. Are your parents divorced: Yes
  13. Do you have step parents: No
  14. Has your family ever disowned another member of your family: Kinda? I dunno. We just kinda don’t talk to my mom’s side. A lot of bad blood between my mom and her sisters. Two of my cousins are okay though. Same for #119!
  15. Did some of your family come to America from another country: Uhm well I don’t actually live in the States so I’ll just ignore this.

Music Stuff

  1. What song do you swear was written about you or your life: *shrug*
  2. What’s the most embarrasing cd you own: Oh god I can’t think of all of my CDs. They’re not on my iTunes so I can’t keep track of them.
  3. What’s the best cd you own: My current favorites are Josh Turner and Carrie Underwood
  4. What song do you absolutely hate: Can’t think of any right now, but I’m sure there are some out there
  5. Do you sing in the shower: Sometimes if I’m bored.

again, a chunk is missing


  1. Color: pink
  2. Food: Steak
  3. Song: Currently? Boob Fairy by Deirdre Flint
  4. Show: Friends
  5. School subject: Creative Writing. Duh. That’s my whole degree. Out of the modules I’m doing right now, I’d have to go for Writing Lives for two reasons: the assignments are interesting and it’s being taught by the Cute Teacher. ^_^
  6. Band/singer/artist: Josh Turner
  7. Animal: Cat
  8. Outfit: a top and my white flouncy skirt
  9. Radio station: Don’t listen to the radio, but I do do podcasts. Lime & Violet. People, go listen. It’s awesome.
  10. Movie: Gone with the Wind, Last of the Mohicans, The Skeleton Key
  11. Pair of shoes: high heels
  12. Cartoon: Jem and the Holograms, plus Disney stuff
  13. Actor: Costas Mandylor is yummy….
  14. Actress: Uhm.. the cast of Desperate Housewives?
  15. Potato chip: Sourcream and onion
  16. Drink: Gingerbread or peppermint latte
  17. Soda: Root beer or Cherry Coke
  18. Holiday: Christmas
  19. Perfume/cologne: Ghost is good. The blue kind. I am wanting to try out some Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs stuff. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about them. But I need to get through the stuff I’ve already got before I buy more. Which is why I’m sort of on a yarn diet. *sniffle*
  20. Pizza topping: Goat’s cheese
  21. Jello flavor: Don’t like jello
  22. Lunch meat: Turkey
  23. Card Game: Dunno.
  24. Video game: Mariokart
  25. Website: the L&V message boards and Ravelry
  26. Computer game: Civ4 and Sims2
  27. Number: 3
  28. Cereal: I prefer muesli
  29. Comedian: Dunno
  30. Dessert: Cheesecake! And carrot cake and chocolate cake…
  31. Disney character: I have to pick just one? Well Scar is very entertaining…
  32. Clothing store: H&M
  33. Past time: knitting
  34. Teacher: the Cute one!
  35. Childhood toy: I used to have this huge fluffy Simba, but I don’t know where it is now. :(
  36. Carnival game/ride: Rollercoasters all the way baby!
  37. Candy bar: I don’t really eat candy bars anymore
  38. Magazine: Cosmo?
  39. Salad dressing: Blue cheese
  40. Thing to do on the weekend: Go to the movies
  41. Season: all of them. I can find good and bad things about all of them, so it’s really hard to pick one. Possibly autumn…
  42. Sport to watch: American football
  43. Person to talk to online: Jasu

Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits

  1. What color are your sheets: Oooh I just switched them this morning! Now they’re stripe-y pink. Used to be white with flowers.
  2. What color are your bedroom walls: Cream
  3. Do you have posters on your wall: No posters, but I do have some Monet things and nature photos Michelle has taken
  4. If so of what: Well, nature things. Oh and a Welsh flag and a calendar
  5. Do you have a tv in your bedroom: Nope
  6. How many pillows are on your bed: Three
  7. What do you normally sleep in: Depends on the weather. Either nothing or PJs.
  8. Describe your favorite pair of pajamas: I’ve got these really long and colorful stripey bottoms and I have several tops for.
  9. What size bed do you have: Single while I’m at school, twin at home and almost a double at Oliver’s
  10. Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed: Nope
  11. Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom: Nope
  12. Describe the last nightmare you had: Let’s just say it was family related
  13. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: Nope, the pillows take up enough space. And then there’s Oliver. :D
  14. How many people can comfortably sleep comfortably in your bed: I can squish into a single with Oliver, but he’s about the only person I’d share the dorm room bed with. It’s really thin…
  15. Do you sleep in any unusual positions: No?
  16. Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling: Nope, I’m 500 miles away from my sisters
  17. Do you snore: Sometimes, apparently.
  18. How about drool: No, not in my sleep anyway. But looking at yarn? XD
  19. Do you have an alarm clock in your room: I use my cell phone as my alarm clock
  20. What color is the carpet in your room: icky red
  21. What’s under your bed: Pretty handpainted butterfly teacups & saucers and a suitcase containing a suitcase containing bags. And no dust since I vaccuumed this morning!

Okay, now that that’s done, I’ll go back to knitting. And someone’s setting off fireworks on the beach. Don’t they realize that Bonfire night was last night?