What I did during the past few days

Back in Aber again. But just for a few days. I’m going away again on Wednesday. And that means that I won’t be online a lot. Soooo here goes.

Let’s see… Wednesday was the party at Mel’s. ‘Twas fun, met *a lot* of new people. I did get pretty tired the closer it got to midnight though. It was a costume party. The host and hostesse were both dressed as geishas, there were two draculas, a Wonder Woman, Alice in Wonderland, a fox, and others dressed in random black outfits with white make-up and fake blood on their throats and stuff. I went as a gypsy. Well, tried to anyway. But since I had to travel in my outfit, I didn’t really do over the top make-up and stuff that probably would have made my outfit a bit better.

Thursday was spent doing laundry. Like a whole month’s worth of laundry. But it’s all washed and dried now. I’ll iron it all when I go back for a week and a half.

Friday night was spent at Shaun’s. There were fireworks and good food. I still have to remember to ask Shaun to ask his mom write down the recipe for the pumpkin soup that she had made. Yummy. At around midnight, which was actually 1 a.m. for my body, I pretty much conked out on the couch, using Oliver as a pillow.

On Saturday we went to Meadowhall to buy a black long sleeved T-shirt for Oliver to dance Latin in next weekend. Had lunch at Pizza Express and then went to see Saw IV. It was actually pretty good. One of the guys in it was really good looking. To me anyway. No idea what his name is, but he plays a detective. [hits pause and wanders away to IMDB] Aha! Okay, so his name is Costas Mandylor and I knew that he looked familiar. He played the Fransiscan friar that Samantha had a thing for in Sex and the City.

Sunday, as in yesterday, I came back. Trains were delayed and I almost missed my connection. Really full of people all the way to Machynlleth and then they kinda disappeared. At first I thought that okay, it’s Sunday all the students are coming back. But nope, not that many of us came all the way to Aber. Then later Gabe and Ruth stopped by. We chatted for an hour or two, then we all pretty much went to our respective beds and crashed. I keep forgetting how tiring travelling actually is.

I was supposed to meet some German girls (Jenny and Nicole {I think}), take them to the yarn shop and then teach them how to knit. Jenny came at ten, like we had agreed, but we rescheduled for after reading week because she’s really busy this week with an essay that’s due soon and well, I won’t be here. We did exchange numbers and e-mails so we’ll be in touch later.

I finished Anji’s Christmas present. It just needs blocking. Am working on my mom’s present right now. Can’t actually say what it is, because she now reads my blog as well. That would kinda ruin the surprise, now wouldn’t it? But, if you’re on Ravelry, there’ll be a pic of it soon. :)