My room is nice and warm… ^_^

Okay, just a quickie since I really really really want to listen to the latest L&V podcast and knit.

Saturday was tiring, as was to be expected. Alan and I danced six dances: Beginner’s Waltz, Quickstep, Cha, Jive, Rumba and then the Open Rock’N’Roll. We were also the D team Quickstep. Amazingly enough, we got to the quarter finals of the Quickstep and Jive!! Who knows how, since our first round of Quickstep was just awful. Awful awful awful. And I’m not exagerrating. He tried to lock step when I thought we were doing just a basic, then vice versa and our “quick quick” timing wasn’t the same but somehow we managed to do the “slow, slow” parts together… Odd. And the Jive? Well, after about 20 seconds of dancing that, my legs got so tired that I couldn’t lift up my feet properly anymore. So maybe the judge saw us at the beginning of our “routine” (basically, we didn’t have one; just muttered what we were going to do next to each other)?

The time I spent in Sheffield was as usual. As in, I love being with Oliver and we have fun doing stuff together, but we don’t actually get to see each other that much since he’s at work all day. Although, during the day time I did have time to finish off my portfolio, finish Anji’s Fetchings, watch ANTM reruns (and do all the editing and setting them to transcode) and finally start socks again! Gotta say, I am in madmadmad love with socks. The ones on my needles right now are the Bellatrix socks (can’t remember exactly where online I got them from) in the variegated white/pink/purple/blue/gold/and more! Regia 4-ply. They are just so relaxing to knit. And fun! Especially after huge projects like a top and a shawl. No, the shawl isn’t done yet, and my Isabella still needs to have one seam sewn up, but at least I’m knitting socks again. I’ve already got one done and immediately cast on the next one. No SSS for me! (That’s Second Sock Syndrome, not the Spring Shawl Surprice which I will also refer to as SSS XD). Oh! And I got my lace yarn for the SSS. Lovely lovely lovely. I just held it and petted it and cuddled it for a bit before putting it away and finishing off the Fetchings. Yarn makes me happy. ^_^

Train ride back to Aber was uneventful. No seat (again) from Sheffield to Birmingham, but that’s okay since it’s only an hour. Then on the Aber train I knit some more while listening to Cast On. :) Can’t be bothered to go food shopping today, so I’ll just be creative with what I’ve got for tonight. I’ll probably start packing later today. I can’t decide which suitcase I’ll be using though: medium or large? Large, as the name suggests, has more space, but that would also make it heavier. I think I’ll try to go for the medium one…