Adorable kid

As I was on my way to the grocery store this morning… And boy was it a beautiful morning! No clouds whatsoever, a nice pink hazy glow on the sea, little black dots of surfers waiting for good waves, no wind, just.. perfect. I need to wake up earlier to enjoy this more often. Anyway, I was going to the store and a little two year old blond boy with big blue eyes was coming towards me, holding his father’s hand as they slowly walked behind the mother pushing a stroller. The boy looked up at me, grinned and said: “Pwitty!” That just made my day. I guess all it takes is a smile and kids think you’re pretty. :D

I also got some prescriptions refilled and knit more of my sock while waiting to see the nurse. Even though my appointment was at 10:15, I knew they’d be running late as usual so I brought my knitting with me. It’s still the Bellatrix sock, but I should have that done by tonight, not much left of the foot before starting the toe. One of the women I sat next to in the waiting room just blurted out: “It’s so nice to see someone knitting again. You don’t see a lot of that anymore…” All of the others in the waiting room just kinda looked oddly at me. Not too sure if it was the sock or the skirt I’m wearing (it’s very colorful).

The portfolio is done. Did the final editing last night. I don’t know should I print it off today before dancing (which would mean more climbing up the hill to get to the right building) or wait until tomorrow when I’ll be picking up my reference letter from one of my tutors… Either way, it’ll be handed in before the 2pm deadline.