The Importance of A Working Shower

The SSShawl is going swimmingly. I just completed row 80 of Clue 2. Of course, others have already completed Clue 3 which came out on Tuesday. Oh well, I’ll catch up to them eventually. The shawl is uber pretty. The alpaca sometimes gets kinda stuck on the needles, but only if I’ve been holding it in my moist hand for awhile. I say moist because they’re not really sweaty, but not so dry as to make the yarn slippy on the needles. Which is actually kinda good in the sense that at least my stitches won’t be randomly jumping off into the ether where the only rescues available come in the forms of crochet hooks and tinking. I do not frog lace. Too risky.

They drained my arm today. Took my life essence. With my permission of course. But now my left arm is kinda achy at the join where they stuck the needle. Apparently, I’m a quick bleed. XD

I got permission to change my Writing Project story and I’ve already got two fifths of it written. It’s so cool to be able to write about knitting and fibre and stuff in a really odd way and then be graded on it too.

I’ve finished reading Suzannah Dunn’s The Queen of Subtleties and have started on her older book The Sixth Wife. So far, the Anne Boleyn story was more interesting, but I figure that there’ll be some juicy bits ahead if the blurb on the back is to be believed. Here’s hoping. *crosses fingers*

Went to see Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” yesterday. It was pretty good actually. The dog in it was so adorable. Reminded me of Mocca. Kinda figures since both are German Shepherds. But Mocca is way blacker than the dog in the movie. Oliver’s dad said that he can’t see us, meaning me and Oliver, not owning a pet. Well, we have been talking about getting a puppy once we’ve got the space for one, but right now, we don’t even have enough space for ourselves. It doesn’t help that the only bathroom in the house is kinda unusable at the moment. I mean, the toilet works just fine, but because they’re redoing it, they’ve taken the tiles off the walls around the bathtub so that the plumber can fit in the new bathroom set in about a week’s time. Meaning that the shower can’t be used because the water would leak into the kitchen. The tiles were taken off last Wednesday. Which means that I haven’t been able to have a proper shower in over a week now. I have managed to wash my hair bent over the tub and just washing up in the sink every morning, but that’s still not the equivalent of a shower. When I first heard that they’re redoing the bathroom I was kinda looking forward to seeing the new one. I figured I could deal with not being able to use the shower for a week. But then they switched plumbers and the fitting was pushed back by another week. And said that next Wednesday the plumber is half dismantling the toilet so instead of pushing the lever to flush it, we have to use a bucket. This is England, but not medieval England. I’m a city girl! I like nature, yes, but do you see me going camping? No, I only go on hikes because I know that I need to use modern day facilities at the end of the day. So this actually gives me something to look forward to next week when I go back to Aber on Thursday. Oliver feels the same way about the whole bucket thing, so he’s trying to get time off so that he can come to Aber with me. Another thing that’ll make me happy! Aber’s starting to look very good. A hot shower and alone time with Oliver. XD

Ooh, just remembered. We were invited to go to Leicester this weekend. So I might be able to shower at Russel’s… I hope I can. I knew immediately that the Christmas gift (two Westlife CDs) I got from Shaun & Russel was picked out by Russel. We’d had a little talk about Westlife the last time we saw each other in about October (maybe it was November?) and he remembered! ^_^