Knitting, writing, reading

I have begun two things: working on homework (yeah, I know, me actually doing something instead of procrastinating!) and the Spring Shawl Surprice. I think I’m on Row 30 or so of the first clue on the shawl. It’s turning out pretty well. No way I’ll be able to catch up before the next clue is released (Tuesday). But hey, it’s not a race, so as long as I keep knitting a few rows every day, I should be fine. :) Also, the Herring Socks are hibernating for now. As is my Tempting. But they should come back out of the bag soon. It’s just that the shawl drains all of my knitting mojo after about five rows. Then again, those five rows equal about 700 stitches on teeny tiny needles with super thin yarn.

The homework thing? It’s the Writing Project which makes me almost want to just be done with it. Like I said earlier, I keep getting ideas for it but I just don’t feel like writing. Maybe because it’s not as fun as the other stuff I’ve written before. Hmm… I could e-mail my teacher and ask if I could change the idea just a little bit so that it’d be a sequel to one of my other stories. Then I’d really get to use my imagination because the first part had “living” dead people in it and all sorts of fun stuff. It was a really lighthearted take on the afterlife, sort of aimed at 10-14 year olds. We’ll have to see how that works out.

I’ve also been reading a bit. Right now I’m in the middle of Suzannah Dunn’s The Queen of Subtleties. It’s told by two people in alternating chapters; one from Anne Boleyn’s point of view where time moves a lot faster and then from King Henry VIII’s sole female confectioner Lucy Cornwallis’s point of view where the narrative is more scenes of interactions with others she comes in contact with whereas Anne’s voice is basically a letter she’s writing to her daughter Elizabeth about how E’s parents met before Anne is beheaded. I thought that Suzannah wrote so well that yesterday when I met Oliver after work I bought The Sixth Wife by her as well as two other books (it was a 3 for 2 sale at the bookstore). No idea when I’ll have the time to read them all, but I assume it’ll be at Aber instead of at here where I’ve got TV shows (ha, just typed in shoes, goes to show I am a girl :P) to catch up with while I knit. Nothing too engrossing though, since it is a lace shawl I am working on. Mainly Animal Cops Detroit and Houston, Crime Central and Dr. Phil. Basically, it’s just a narrator that tells me what’s going on. XD