This is me procrastinating

I should be cleaning up my room for the inspection next week. I should be packing. I should at least finish the second Clessidra if I’m not going to do the above two “more important” tasks. Instead? I’m hanging out in the kitchen with Hannah, I’m reading blogs, I’m listening to L&V, and now I’m talking about everything that I should be doing instead of just doing it. >_< Nothing really thrilling to report about this last week. Went up to Sheffield on Thursday, hung out, did laundry, watched movies, bought books, came back on Monday. Since then I’ve been to class, bought food for the competition on Saturday and been to dance practice.

About the dancing, our Waltz seems fine, no tripping over feet even when Alan wore his shoes. That’s progress. Made a slight alteration to our Cha routine, now it looks better. And we have finally agreed on our Jive routine. Now we just have to remember it. I’m not doing Rock’N’Roll at Blackpool because I want to focus on the other dances and be better at them rather than trying to remember another routine which I will mess up. So today, while Alan was off practicing his Rock’N’Roll routine with Jenni (they’re doing the acrobatic version; looks very cool), I helped out with teaching beginners the few moves that I did know. There’s this part where the girl passes in between the guy’s legs and is pulled up and usually the person I’m paired up with doesn’t have enough force to lift me up. I mean, let’s face it, I’m not a small girl. So I don’t usually even attempt it. Today though, there was this Romanian guy and he really wanted to practice it, and there was another beginner couple who were having trouble with it, so I demonstrated it slowly for them. I figured that my demonstration of it wouldn’t really work, since it never really has previously. When this guy pulled me up, it felt like he had enough strength to lift me up properly as well! That was like: “Ooooh, this is fun. I wanna try that again!” And so we did. ^_^

Yesterday afternoon I got a headache similar to the one I had at NUDC. At 8:30pm I was like, okay I should probably go to bed after this mug of tea because it’s not going away. I drank the tea, climbed into bed and felt a bit better. So I decided to read for like 10-15 minutes before actually going to sleep. The whole time I kept telling myself that I’d stop at the next chapter break. When my eyes were beginning to forcibly close, I finally put the book down and checked my watch: it’s two and a half hours later. The book that’s so intriguing to me is Philippa Gregory’s “The Other Boleyn Girl” that I bought last weekend. It’s a really good book. A page-turner. And now I’m wondering if I’ll be able to appreciate the movie as a movie and not constantly be comparing it to what I’ve read. I’ll still go see it though. Not with Hannah as we had planned, since the only week that they’re showing it here in Aber is the week that I’m in Belgium. When the man behind the desk at the Arts Center told me that, my reaction was replying in a disappointed/whiny voice: “I’m not here that week… *sad face* … I’m Not Here that week…“Then, just to show him that I really was okay and not genuinely depressed by his news, I grinned and thanked him. That just made him laugh. XD So yes, I will be going to see it by myself sometime this week when I’m in Sheffield. I’ve made plans with Oliver so that I’ll meet him at Meadowhall for food after my movie ends and he has left work. He sounded so sad when he said that he doesn’t really want to go see it. Not about him missing the movie, but making me go by myself. I’m totally okay with going by myself. It’s actually quite fun. Especially when I can go in the middle of the day in the middle of the week when the theater isn’t that busy. :)

Ugh, okay. I’m seriously going to start cleaning my room now. And listen to L&V at the same time. *nodnod*