We decided to call ourselves "Where the hell is everyone??"

Well, the quiz was a bust. Only three of us showed up when it’s usually more like seven to ten. We did okay on the picture round, as in got everything, but it was all downhill from there. So when one of Matt’s friends called, he and Phil decided to go to the Open Mike Night at the Union and I came back because I had these grand plans of writing up the rest of my Writing Project. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Got sidetracked reading the L&V message boards.

Still, today’s two QOTDs came during the quiz. The first one was when Phil was talking about buying another suit. Matt chimed in with: “Yeah, I need to go to the suit store too.”

One of the questions posed was something to do with boxing and they wanted the “famous lawman who refereed the event.” The table next to ours: “Judge Judy!!”

I’ll do a proper update about yesterday some time tomorrow most likely. Right now I’m just way too tired to do anything but crawl into bed.