Singing along all day long

Today’s been a good day. I’ve just been in an excellent mood ever since I woke up at 7:35 am… Yes, I actually woke up then without the help of an alarm clock. I think it’s because I sleep with my curtains open, so when the sun rises and my room slowly gets brighter my body obviously thinks along the lines of: “Oooh, it’s light outside again. Time to get up! Wake-y wake-y…” Never mind that my room faces west, not east, so it’s not even direct sunlight that’s getting me up. The cool thing is that the sky’s a lighter shade of pink and light blue in the mornings and a really deep saturated pink and blue when the sun’s going down. I think I prefer dawn to dusk.

I’m also really productive in the mornings. Maybe I’m a morning person?? Anyway, I have finished my essay! Well, sorta. I need to flesh out my conclusion (as it is now, it’s like one sentence, so that’s not a proper conclusion, even if it is a good sentence :P) so that’s another 100 words or so? Then I can send it off to Gabe for a read-over, then edit it to make it better, possibly send it back to Gabe if I make major changes and then it’s printing time!

I borrowed a book from Ludwig this morning. It’s Edgar Allan Poe in French. Should be interesting.

Then met Derya for some tea and knitting at the Arts Centre at noon. It’s so nice to finally have someone who gets knitting and yarn like I do. I mean, it’s one thing to ramble on about it online, but she totally gets the whole drooling over pictures of yarn online and the urge to just buy everything mostly natural in sight. I looked at yarn last night. I even calculated how much the postage would be… I’m so glad I don’t have a bank card that the online stores accept or a PayPal account. I do have a credit card, but I do not use that, like ever.

So, it’s been a good day. Been singing along to songs on my iPod while walking up and down the hill. Yes, I did get some looks, but I don’t care. It was a song that just *had* to be sung along to. Silly people. And I curled my hair again. Now if only I wasn’t so afraid of damaging my hair by putting a hot iron to it then spraying the curls I’d do it more often. Okay, so my hair smells great with the hair spray on it (Herbal Essences: Set Me Up; it apparently has cactus flower and bamboo in it. I just like the way it smells).

Dance practice on Sunday was interesting. We were all tied together at the waist with long scarves when doing the Waltz and Quickstep. It was kinda fun, but my shoulders got really tired after going around the room three times non-stop. And now that Alan has sorted out his lock step mistake in the Quickstep, it’s shaping up to be pretty good. It’s not brilliant, but it’s still pretty good. Then later on Sunday I went to the pub quiz at the Cambrian with some of the people from the dance team. Out of eleven teams we came in third. :D And I was actually useful! I knew stuff like what the cassis liquer tastes of (blackcurrant, but that’s because cassis is French for blackcurrant. Never actually had that liquer); what country the “Teddy bear row” teacher went to next (China); and I was able to recognize a Spice Girls song from the very first few notes played, much to the amusement of everyone else at the table. XD And Phil, who was the one my enthusiasm brought most glee to, was the one who told everyone else which Teletubbie had the triangle on its head. Yep, my trivia knowledge wasn’t as bad as his was. Another funny thing that happened at the quiz was that the people at the table next to ours were mostly biology students and they were having a debate about what the collarbone was also called, while me and Hannah, creative writing and drama respectively, whispered in unison: “Clavicle!”

And now it’s time for dinner. Don’t really feel like having pasta tonight (which is the only “proper” food I’ve got the ingredients for right now)… Might make me some mannapuuro. Haven’t had that in ages, mainly because for breakfast I’ve been having Frosties. I don’t usually buy Frosties, but it was a Buy One Get One Free thing, so I’ve lots of it. I think the store has now changed the deal from Frosties to Rice Krispies. Might get some of those if I run out of Frosties…