Earthquake! (Seriously, I kept typing in earthquark o_O)

Last night there was an earthquake. I figured that since the epicenter was in Lincolnshire, that’s why I didn’t feel it. But no. There’s a comment in the “Have your say” section from someone in Aber saying that they could feel their floorboards move. Yeah, I slept through an earthquake. Did not feel a single thing. Oliver felt it (then again he’s up in Yorkshire anyway so it must’ve been stronger over there. I guess I just sleep like a log.

Anyway, I’ve gotten lots of knitting done. My scarf is half-way done; won’t work on it until tomorrow when I get on the train. While I’m still here, I’m going to try to finish up Clue 9 of the SSS since I can’t work on that while on the train. And I need to figure out what yarns to bring with me for my Easter vacation by tonight, since I’m taking up my suitcase to Sheffield tomorrow. There’s been a slight change in plans for next weekend. I was going to spend two nights with Oliver at Blackpool during IVDC, but the Sheffield team has decided to go back already on Saturday instead of Sunday (which is what the Aber team is doing), I’m not totally sure yet what I’ll be doing. I guess I could try to find a place for just me for the second night and come back with the Aber team on Sunday, or then start Easter vacation a week early and just go back with the Sheffield team and not come back to Aber at all for that one seminar. Hmm…

Today’s going to be busy. Just had a group meeting about our portfolios, I’m going over to Dani’s house and watching videos that were taken at NUDC with other team members at three, then at eight I’ve got plans to go see an Ingrid Bergman movie with Alan and Ghislaine. And I still need to pack, do homework, edit my portfolio before sending it to my teacher…

There was just a really loud noise from outside. I think it was like one of those air force planes, sorta like what Mud experiences in Camp Nowhere… Didn’t see anything, but I definitely heard and felt it. I don’t know of any army bases near here though. Oddness. Maybe the pilot got lost during training. :P

Where was I? Ah yes, NUDC. It was an interesting competition. Everything went fine, except Jive. First round, Alan and I walk onto the floor, the music starts… We just look at each other with the deer-in-headlights look and ask: “What were we supposed to do again??” So yeah, we knew that we wouldn’t get a recall for Jive. :P Amazingly enough, during the “Old Time Dance” (which was called “The Cypress Swing” I think), we got a recall while Oliver & Jo didn’t. It was a fun sequence dance. ^_^

Warning: rambling about yarn shopping here. Mostly just thinking outloud right now. *sigh* I want a job. No, what I actually want is money. But that money would go to buy yarn. So technically, really, all I want is yarn. And the time to knit the yarn. I’ve been drooling over the yarns at the Loopy Ewe and I still haven’t decided if I should order from there or from Lisa Souza. I know exactly what I’d get from Lisa Souza, but the Loopy Ewe has loads of different yarns in all of these really delicious colorways and I really really want to get a start on becoming a Loopy Groupie. *le sigh* Oh the choices I have to make. Yarn I know or something new? If I go for the new stuff, then what stuff exactly? And I know that if I order from the Loopy Ewe, it would make more sense to buy more than just the two skeins that I was thinking of because of the reduced shipping thing that Sherri does that Lisa doesn’t. With Lisa, my order would be about £22 (including shipping). From the Loopy Ewe, it’d probably be nearer £30 (with shipping). And I just know that if I order from Sherri, I’ll fall off the yarn diet wagon and go BOOM. Then again, if I save my Loopy Ewe order for a bit later and have it sent to Ellu’s once it’s confirmed that I’ll be there for Christmas… Oooooh that’d be the best way to save on shipping because it’s free shipping within the US when the orders are over $75. Which it definitely will be. Yes, I’ll start saving up for that. Then I won’t feel so bad. Okay, this weekend I’ll order from Lisa. And since I know what I’ll be getting, it should be easy too. Not get distracted by other colorways since I’ve seen them all before. XD

And now it’s time to read some more of Spenser’s Faerie Queene. That text just puts me to sleep. Read one Canto last night, by the end of it my eyes were drooping. A 20 oz. Chai tea would help me stay interested, but alas, I haven’t found a place over here that makes it. Which is a good thing actually. Saves me money.