Snow snow snow

We’ve got snow. It started last night and still going on now. So this morning, I took these pics:

Last I checked, we had about 12 cm (5"-ish).

And because of all this snow, traffic and trains have been kind of a mess. I decided to go to Nottingham early, drop off my coursework that’s due today and come back straight away. Skipping class is so worth not being stuck at a train station late at night. When I got home, there was an e-mail from my course leader saying that because so many of the readers have cancelled due to the weather, the session has been cancelled. W00t! Now I don’t feel guilty about deciding not to go to class. ^-^

Oh and now the news just said that the Met Office has issued an “extreme weather warning” because of the snow. For some reason this amuses me very much.

The garter stitch has finally ended, now I’m onto the crochet edging. After that dark blue yarn runs out, I’ll use up the light blue and then add white until it reaches the “right” measurements. :)

The first pic has the correct colors, the second shows the edging.