Apartments, cars and knitting

Not that much has happened in the last week or so. I left Aber and came to Sheffield on Friday. My dad was almost afraid that we wouldn’t get everything to fit in the car, but we did after a little rearranging. ;)

Then Saturday was spent looking at cars. The Ford salesman would not stop talking and that pretty much put me off of getting a car from there. So after about five hours of sitting in various cars, I decided on either a Smart or a Mercedes-Benz A-Class. A Smart would be better in the city (since it is tinier) but an A-Class feels safer on highways. And I will have to use highways to get to wherever I’m studying at next year. I have received a conditional offer from Aberystwyth (need to get a 2.1, which I’m pretty sure I will) and Nottingham Trent wants to interview me. Don’t know yet when the interview will be, but I’m hoping that they’ll tell me soon.

My dad and I checked out a few apartments while he was here. There’s a one bedroom fully furnished brand new place that I did like for £475/pcm. It’s within walking distance of Oliver’s work and all it needs is a washing machine (which the realtor said that the landlord will probably provide if we just ask). The only downside is that there is no parking available for it. So Oliver and I are going to go take a look at it tomorrow and see what he thinks. Last night we were looking through the property paper and found a three bedroom terraced house (part-furnished) for £500/pcm in an area that’s quite nice and nearby to everywhere we want to go. It’s also very very hilly. So having an automatic transmission instead of a manual is an imperative (for me at least). ^_^

I got practice driving while my dad was here. I have my provisional licence and so we just went to buy some L-plates and then I got to drive! We first practiced parking in the parking lot. Parallel parking was a whole lot easier than I expected. After awhile we then decided to go back and I drove from Morrissons to Oliver’s. I don’t care about not learning the manual on the wrong side of the road (and they are on the wrong side over here in my opinion). As long as I get to drive without having to stress about stuff like clutches and the car stalling, I’ll be happy. So an automatic car for me it is. :) What still scare me slightly are roundabouts. O_O

I have finally finished my modified Bad Penny. Decided to make it all pink with picot edgings at the hem and sleeves and a single crochet edging on the neckline. I’ll probably wear that to my interview actually. Or then I might wear my Isabella. Haven’t quite decided yet. Then after that top, I wanted a super quick project, so I made a teeny tiny bear. It’s shorter than my hand. :D After that I started some socks because I haven’t made a pair in ages (I swear, sweater knitting to me is becoming almost as addictive as socks). I’m making Fawkes from my Aww-tum Sock! Merino yarn. It is soooooo yummy. Gorgeous stuff.

And now it’s time for breakfast. Yes, I know it’s past 11 am, but I’ve been knitting and watching Oliver play Oblivion on the XBox 360 since 9:30… Hunger is winning now. :P