A heads up

Just thought I’d let you all know that since I’m leaving Aber on Friday, I’ll be busy until Monday. Not that I’ve been really active here lately, but still.

In knitting news, still working on the Bad Penny. Did the lace and then the increase sections. Tried it on and ripped it out because it didn’t look nice. Mind you, I didn’t rip out the whole thing, just to where the lace began. So it’s back to nicely mindless stockinette that I can do in the car on Friday. :D I’ve also made a Clapotis scarf from Regia Silk. I ran out of yarn just as I was about to get to the final rows, so I used up some ends that I had in my stash. I don’t really like the way that turned out, so I’ll be ripping out what I’ve dubbed the Hufflepuff tail (because the leftover colors that I used were black and yellow) and just do a different kind of bind off.

Handed in my final essay of my BA career today. In the three years that I’ve been a uni student, I have never sent myself the wrong version of an essay to be printed. Until today. *rolls eyes* First time for everything, eh? I did luckily have the sorta correct version in my e-mail as well, so I didn’t have to go back down the hill to send myself the right version.

In between all of the packing I did manage to spend over an hour on the beach this afternoon. Read a few chapters of This Sceptered Isle. And I also bought the Highway Code so that I can start studying up for the theory test. Hopefully I’ll have my licence by early September. ^_^