Creepy crawlies

We’ve got ’em. Carpet beetles. *shudder* It started out with me finding holes in my Hedera and then snowflake lace socks. I looked through the bag where I kept them, didn’t find anything and checked that the rest of my handknit socks were okay. They were so I didn’t think much of it. Fast forward for a bit and I’d found some munching on three of my swatches made with Lane Borgosesia’s Cashwool. Not too bad, I didn’t really want to keep them anyway. Icky, but not heart-breaking. Then I found out that they’d gotten into my underwear and sock drawers. And one of my handspuns had been affected too. Killed ’em, vacuumed thoroughly and left it at that. Then I found a dead adult carpet beetle downstairs. At that point I contacted our landlady Debs, who is awesome btw, and we arranged for her to come over the next day (since it was a Friday night that I e-mailed her). We dealt with the woodlouse problem and she gave us some spray to use up in the attic bedroom. That was two weeks ago. Today, one fell out of my hair! Ew ew ew. After I made sure that it was a carpet beetle larvae, I killed it and vacuumed the whole house. I was going to vacuum today anyway, but that’s neither here nor there. I contacted Debs again and within half an hour she got back to me to say that the council’s environmental services are going to come out once they’ve verified what the pest is. So now I’ve got a live larvae in a sealed food container waiting for Debs to come over tonight to pick it up.

Dancing has started again. Well, the give it a go sessions are over now, the actual lessons start next week. I’m still looking for a partner, but while I’m waiting to be paired up with someone, I’ll be standing in for Oliver’s partner Jo. She’s been told by her doctor to basically not to dance until after Christmas, but she and Oliver are thinking about just entering the ballroom dances since they’re not as exhausting as the latin ones are. If they do decide to do that, I’ll just dance latin with Oliver and both latin and ballroom with my partner (if I ever get one!). The pairing up will be done on Friday at 7pm then there’s a mini-social thing for all the team members.

I also have to go to Nottingham on Friday for induction talks and deal with other enrolment stuff. I think I need to go on Saturday as well, but they haven’t sent me any info about that yet, so I don’t know. I was checking out the train times to see what next week’ll be like (classes start next week!!) and since my classes end 8:30pm, the next train that I could make would be 9:42pm. Hrmph. I’d be getting in to the train station at Sheffield 10:55 and by the time I catch a bus and get back home it’ll be near midnight. I sooooooo want my license and car. When I am able to drive to Nottingham and back I should be back home by 10pm at the latest.

Knitting? Yes, lots of it is getting done and has been done. My Corona sweater is done, I’ve already worn it loads. I’m knitting socks right now from my Jitterbug (colorway 66-mist) in the Dragon’s Breath pattern. Still on the first sock, but I’m already planning on making these next.

And Debs just sent me another e-mail asking if I could go check out the roof space in the attic bedroom to see if there’s a visible reason for the infestation. Just the thought is making my skin crawl, but I still need to do it. *shudder* I hate bugs that eat my yarn.