The usual topics: knitting, writing, food…

I’m procrastinating again. I’ve got to write two stories for my next Fiction and Children’s Fiction classes (well, rewrite two stories actually). I made myself a deal, I can do whatever until 3pm, then I need to go do school work. Then at 4pm, I get to stop and go on the WiiFit.

My knitting’s going pretty well. The first Bayerische is done and I’ve got a pattern repeat done on the second one. I’ve finished off my mom’s Mother’s Day present and I’m on the final color of the baby blanket border. I’m hoping to get the blanket done in the next few days. I’ve already got my grandma’s Mother’s Day present lined up, but I can’t say more about that since they read my blog!

I finished spinning up my pink-black-gold fiber yesterday. Now I need to ply it. I’ve also picked out a pattern to use my first handspun on. But I won’t cast that on until I’ve finished the Bayerische socks.

I finally got O’s last Christmas gift for me: Knitted Lace of Estonia. I’ve only had a chance to flip through it, but the patterns are really pretty. And I can understand some of the lace pattern names, which I thought was cool.

It’s nice and sunny here today. Still have some snow on the ground, but it’s going away. Finally. The slippery drive was really beginning to bug me. Monday was trash day and as I stepped out the door, arms full of trash, I go flying. Luckily I landed on my butt and didn’t hit my head on the step inches away, but yeah. -That- sure was a fun way to start the day. ¬_¬

Oh oh oh! The Wool Baa has agreed to carry my Instant Human mitt pattern. o/

Last week I was talking about hair with one of my classmates and she recommended this one shampoo that she uses. I looked for it over here and couldn’t find it, so she said she’d get me some for Monday’s class. So last Monday we exchanged money and product. Another one of our classmates looked at us and was like: “o_O Guys? That looks kinda dodgy…” What I got (and have used twice now) is this stuff from Schwarzkopf that’s supposed to make dull grey hair shiny silvery (not the aspect that I need). But it also reduces brassy tones in blonde hair. Which is why I wanted it. It seems to be working okay. :)

I made makaroonilaatikko (a macaroni casserole-y dish) for the first time yesterday. Turned out very well. I love the cookbook I got from my parents for Christmas. So many familiar recipes. ^-^ And I also baked some white chocolate chip cookies for O as a Valentine’s Day gift. They turned out all wrinkly and non-pretty, but they taste good. That’s the main thing, right?