Everyone needs a little Cute in their lives, right?

I bought these really cute stitch markers today. Cheese and strawberries! There was a reason for wanting them too (besides the cuteness). I’m working on this sweater and my current stitch markers (cheap, plastic Lion Brand ones I got while back in Montana) just aren’t working. They’re too big and causing oddness in the raglan increase sections. So new stitch markers! o/ It’ll take awhile for them to get to me, since they are being shipped from Hawaii.

I’ve also placed another Happy Housewife order. I got the Berry Basket. And soap! Haven’t bought soap from there before, but I’ve heard really good things about it. I got Tea Time and Pumpkin Bread. I thought about holding out for more soap to go up, but after waiting like a month or so (the strawberry scents went up last month), I got tired and wanted the sniffies now. :D

I’ve just been to Belgium for a week visiting one of my sisters. Met up with old friends, met some of her new friends, shopped. I went to the Palais des Thés and bought three new flavors (two black teas, one red). On the same trip I went to a yarn shop and got a little under 1000m of laceweight wool in natural and about 300m of DK weight alpaca in blue-green. I also bought a cute summer dress from H&M (and socks). Yes, I knit socks (and wear them!) but during the summer, they’re too warm. And I don’t want them to get stinky when I wear sneakers and have sweaty feet.

We were invited to go to another party tonight, but I’m feeling kinda stressed about school stuff (which could be why I’m shopping so much) and spending today and tomorrow over there just wouldn’t help things. I have finished the story that’s due in a week, I just need to edit it and write the commentary. But I’ve got two more stories to work on that have to have be presentable drafts done by Friday and Saturday, so taking two days off just isn’t something I want to do. So even if I don’t work all day on these three things, I’ll get something done since I’ll be near my laptop a lot, instead 50 miles away.