I’m noticing a trend

I seem to post only when I’m sick. Huh…

But yeah, I’ve got an ear infection. Just been to the doctor’s and now I’ve got antibiotics. I hope they kick in soon. I’m still going to knit night tonight. I don’t feel that bad right now. And I’ve still got all day to see if I feel up to it.

I also asked about why my hands and feet get really cold. He checked my blood pressure, circulation and asked if anyone in my family’s got Reynaud’s. The conclusion? A spasm in a nerve. I think that’s what he said, my head’s so full of goo that it’s hard to think straight. Anyway, just another reason to knit more wool socks because nothing can be done about that.

I also really want to go to the dentist. Need to talk to her about my wisdom teeth. I don’t think there’s enough space in my mouth for the lower left one. Possibly the same goes for the upper left as well. I keep biting my cheek on that side when eating. Owwie. :( The right side seems fine though.

Lots of knitting progress. Started working on some Froot Loop socks with my Wendy Happy in the Aquarius colorway. I’m also making a pair of fingerless mitts from my handspun. And I’m itching to cast on a sweater. But I also want to make a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister and a chunky scarf using up my Wendy Roxy and Sirdar Harvest DK (this one’ll probably go to charity).

School’s going fine. Consistently scoring in the high 60s (a high 2.1) for my coursework, so basically the same grades as for my first degree. Now I just need to e-mail my dissertation idea to my teacher to see what he thinks about it.