Owl Mittens

See those up there? I designed those. And now, after they’ve been test knit by others, I’ve made the pattern available for you all for free. Because free is nice. And because I can’t claim that I came up with the idea for owl cables, as neat as that would be, so I didn’t feel right charging for the pattern.

The story behind these mittens started last November. I wanted to knit a pair for my youngest sister for Christmas in this lovely DK yarn that my LYS had. So I bought the yarn and figured that Ravelry would help me in finding an owl mitten pattern suitable for my gauge. No luck. But I really wanted to knit these, so I resigned myself to having to do math. To make sure that they would be worth my time, I e-mailed my sister with just this line: “You like owls, right?” Her reply: “Yes? Your question scares me.”