Instant Human mitts!

I’ve finally managed to write up the pattern, get it test knit and then set it up on Ravelry! Awesome, isn’t it?

I came up with the pattern one day a few years ago while I was doodling around and petting my new yarn. The brown was just so luscious that I had to design something with a coffee theme to it. And so after a lot of charting and playing around with gauge, I had the mitts. A fairly quick knit, actually (it helps that I really do love my dpns). Then after awhile, people (and I mean mostly knitters) who saw me wear them prodded me into writing up the pattern. So I did. And then the wonderful Sadie test knit them for me and gave lots of good advice. She got one of her patterns into Knitty so go look!

If you click that little Buy Now icon, it’ll take you over to Ravelry where you can buy the pattern if you’re so inclined (and I hope you are!). No need to sign up. :D