I’ve been doing some more planting again.

O’s dad bought me these tomato plants last week and yesterday morning I moved them into the gro-bag that’s on the step next to the shed.

100605 - tomatoes

That little pot next to the tomatoes? I’m fairly sure it’s lettuce. My gardening method (when starting plants from seeds) is mainly along the lines of: seeds + soil + pots + sun + water => see what happens. It’s magic. So yeah, pretty sure it’s lettuce but not 100%. Some of the seeds that I planted in the propagator tray got mixed up so I’m in for a few surprises.

Then I’ve also got two pea plants and now they’ve given me two peapods!

100605 -  pea1

100605 -  pea2

In that second picture you can see the two cucumber plants in the background. Again, surprises. They just appeared in the same square in the tray when I’m fairly sure that I didn’t put them there. So now I’ve got two pea plants and two cucumber plants in one bigger pot. We’ll see how that’ll go.

And then there’s the cherry tree that was already in the garden. It’s coming along quite nicely.

100605 -  cherries

And the strawberries! No idea where they came from. They just appeared at the base of the cherry tree last year and they’re still here. They’re actually trying to take over the little path and just spreading everywhere. I’ve had to pull out quite a few to keep them “contained” near the tree.

100605 -  strawberries

In other news, we’ve decided to buy a car in August when the car insurance goes down by quite a bit (turning 25 has its perks). And we’re also going to buy the plane tickets to go see my sister in Chicago for Thanksgiving once we’ve made sure that we can have the time off work.