Books and stuff

101031 - my weekend

I got some very good mail yesterday. I bought some perfume from a destash and as an extra, she threw in that yarn. It’s perfect for my blanket (I’ve actually run out of leftovers so this is a great help for keeping my blanket going while I knit up other stuff). I’ve already tried out two of the perfumes (one yesterday, one today) and they’re exactly what I’d hoped. So yay! ^_^

Those books in the background are O’s sister’s. She lent them to me back in August and only today have I been able to start on them. I blame Lucy for lending me her copy of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. That is such a good book and it immediately jumped to the front of the queue. But I finished that this morning, waking up at 7:10 (thanks to the clocks falling back an hour, otherwise it would’ve been 8:10am) and then just zooming through what I had left of the book. So now, it’s back to reading about vampires. I’ll be starting with the Sookie books since I’m about halfway through the series already so it makes sense to finish those off before moving on to other books.

As for knitting, it’s still all secret stuff. Except for the socks that I’m about to cast on as soon as I’m done with this post. Those will be for me. I’ve decided to only make socks for me unless people request them.