Le sigh

I have cast on another pair of socks. No, the Sake socks aren’t done. Last night, I finished the gusset decs on the first Sake sock and decided to try it on. Guess what? It doesn’t fit! I can’t get it to go past my ankle. So, either my youngest sister will want them and I’ll finished knitting the pair, or then it’s to the frog pond. If I have to rip it out, I’ll restart them with a larger needle (am using 2.5mm currently). I don’t usually have a problem with Cookie’s pattern, so I’m not sure what’s up with this one. Anyway, the new pair is Mona (also by Cookie). I found some really pretty blue Ranco Multy so that’s what I’m using.

The weather here is gorgeous. So gorgeous that yesterday, I managed to burn my back. My own fault really. I know I burn easily and I did’t put on any sunblock. So today, I’m wearing SPF 50. Just in case.

Got almost all of the yardwork done yesterday. The only thing left for today (which I’ve already done) was mowing the lawn. More like weeds, but whatev. And I managed to get caught up with the laundry! Only one more load to go later today, then it’s all done. I love being able to put laundry outside to dry. The wind really softens up the T-shirts.

Oh, I had a dance exam last Wednesday! Did Silver Ballroom and Silver Latin (3 dances each). Some of the feedback was amusing, like for the Jive I got: “Pleasing facial expressions”, Cha: “Lovely ‘Latin’ hand” and all of the ballroom ones said “Nice head line”. So basically, from the waist up I’m good. Just need to work on my footwork.