Socks! Times two!

I’ve reached the halfway point in my crochet blanket! Yay! Now onto the knitting content.

Just realized I hadn’t blogged about the first socks I knit this month, so this’ll be a double FO post.

110214 - marilinda01
110226 - In and Out03

Both of these are a part of the Knit.Sock.Love KAL I’m in.

The green socks are the Marilinda pattern knit in The Unique Sheep’s Sushi Sock base. I got this yarn in the Sip N Stitch tea club. At first I wasn’t thrilled with the colorway (Sencha Green Tea), but seeing it in an FO makes me like it more. The pattern, while it looks like something I’d enjoy, I didn’t. It felt like the socks just dragged on and on. I also had to go up to 2.75mm needles to get gauge, instead of my usual 2.25mm for 8sts/inch. Don’t get me wrong, I like the socks, I just wasn’t as enamored with the process was I usually am.

The purple socks are the In and Out pattern using another yarn club yarn. This one’s from the Goth Sock Club that was run by Selana a few years ago. Called Fairy of the Night(? or something similar). Now these are socks that I loved. The pattern’s really easy to memorise, feels like it flies by, the yarn was nice and springy (which is something the Sushi Sock base lacks due to the bamboo content). I think the non-patterned heel flap helped the “flying-by” feeling. And the great thing about this yarn? It can go in the washing machine. I foresee lots of use for these socks.

Oh and I just applied to be a zombie extra. I’ll let you all know if I get picked.