110318 - thelonious01

These have been done for awhile now, but I haven’t had a chance to blog because omg Busy. First there was IVDC (in Blackpool), then the following weekend was O’s birthday party. ‘Twas awesome, almost the whole dance team came! Had a bit of a *flail* moment when I realized how many would actually be coming over (almost 20 people), but it all worked out in the end. The house was actually cleaner on Sunday morning (before the clean-up began) than it was on Saturday morning. Having parties is an excellent motivator for cleaning ALL THE THINGS. Which I did. And I baked over four dozen fairy cakes.

Back to the socks. I cast on March 1st while at the pub for knit night and things were going swimmingly until it was time to remove and rename stitch markers. Hoo boy does this pattern use a lot of stitch markers. Ten to start off with and as the lace panel travels, some get removed and renamed. It was just too mind boggling while at the pub to do it so I set it down until I could work on it again when it was quiet. Good thing I did that since it turned out that I’d mis-read the pattern the first time, so I frogged the whole 2-3 inches I’d knit and started again. After that, it was smooth sailing. I still think the whole renaming stitch markers thing is very confusing but once I got what the pattern was meant to do, I just ignored the names. And voila! A pair of socks. Knit with Trekking XXL in 305 so they’ll get a lot of use (if the socks can be washed in the washing machine, they get more use because I don’t have the time to handwash everything any more). I know from experience that Trekking holds up wonderfully to being thrashed around in the machine.

Currently, I’ve only got one project on the needles. Thira, a textured ribbed halter top (knitty pattern), using Sublime Cotton-Kapok DK in a pretty, soft yellow. I don’t wear yellow that often, but this one just called out to me. It helped that the yarn was on sale when I bought it. The plan is to have it done by Woolfest (which is in late June). Lucy had the idea for the three of us who are mini-roadtripping up North to knit a Woolfest “sweater”. Now, since it’ll be in June, both Nina and I have decided to knit summer tops. I think she chose Coachella (another knitty pattern) and Lucy did tell me what she’s thinking of knitting, but I can’t remember. I blame the fever. I’m currently ill, as was evidenced last night. Apparently I was making worrying noises while I slept. Which I know I do when I’m not feeling well. Kind of like whimpering. And how do I know that I do that, even without O telling me? The noises wake me up! So yeah, not feeling that great. I do have anti-biotics since the doctor said I’ve got an ear infection, but I’m not convinced that that’s all I’ve got. But 13 hours of sleep did do wonders. I felt perfectly fine when I woke up this morning, although I can feel the tiredness coming back.

Anyway, that’s enough about my non-health. In other news, we now have a 6'9 Greek man in the office. He’s very nice and smart. And omg tall. He’s got a two month old baby, which just makes all the girls go “Awwwwwwww” when they imagine him holding the tiny human. And the Chatty Guy in the London office is still chatty. Not all the time, but on the days that he feels like talking? I’ve learned quite a bit about him. Enough to use my Google-fu to find his MySpace page and Facebook (because I apparently turn into a bit of stalker when I get bored). He seems normal enough. Good thing too, since he already knows a lot about my dancing habits…