Sade mittens

The pattern is live! *happy dance* These mittens were made to match the Sade hat. Rolled “brim” cuffs, twisted stitches, the same twisted decrease patterning… The only thing missing is the seed stitch. I didn’t see that as being very comfortable on hands. The left mitten decreases towards the right, the right towards the left (mentioning that because you can only see the left mitten’s patterning in the picture). I love these mittens. Could be because I used Malabrigo and omg, I love how soft and warm it is. Plus, they match the hat (I know I said that already). And I love the hat. I’m very much a slouchy hat person. Other hats just look wonky on me. So when I’ve got mittens that match? Even better. I’ve been wearing these with my Skinny Clap which is in a blue that’s close enough to the Malabrigo that I look all co-ordinated. All I need now is blue handbag and blue shoes (all worn with my grey coat, since wearing a blue coat would just be too much). XD

Anyway, a huge thank you to my testers: Sadie, Selana and Morandia. All three had very good ideas on how to improve the pattern and I’m grateful for their input.

Speaking of Sadie, she’s got a vidcast now! And the Sade hat has already made its debut on it. I also hear that the Sade mittens will be appearing on it soon. ;)