110507 - dress

Yesterday, I went to the Land of Shoppertunity. This is amazing for two reasons. One, I hate crowds and going to Meadowhall on a Saturday? So busy. (Don’t even get me started on the women bringing their massive strollers into the tiny shops where they knock over everything because they don’t fit in between the racks.) Two, I actually found something! I’m going to my youngest sister’s confirmation in July and it hit me that I didn’t really have anything to wear to it. So I went dress hunting. The key to a successful shopping trip? Do your homework. I went online the night before and browsed websites until I found about ten or so dresses that had potential. So when I went in, I knew exactly what I was looking for and that the shop had at least three dresses that fit my criteria. In the end, I went with a dress that I hadn’t seen online, but that’s not the point. It was a lot less stressful when I knew what I was going for. So to go with the above dress, I also got earrings, flower clips for my hair and a green cropped cardigan that ties in the front. I considered buying shoes as well, but then I remembered that I have the perfect pair at home which I’ve only worn once so far, so I’d better go with those. Yesterday’s shopping trip also made me miss Jaz. She’s the perfect shopping partner. We really need to live closer together. She would’ve been way more excited about my purchases than O was.

As for knitting? Not a lot of progress. I started knitting Rhombus by Cookie A with my Nerdclub2000 sock club yarn, but I tried it on yesterday and I’m not loving how it looks. It started doing this weird pooling thing after the heel flap and the leg just looks really muddy when I wear it. So I’m probably going to rip it back and use another yarn for the pattern (I think I’ve got some pink-ish Ranco Multy in my stash that’d work). And obviously use the Nerdclub2000 yarn for something else. Maybe BFF? Or Wedge?